The best control experience for all your home devices.

Your entire home working as one. Control multiple devices with a single touch. Simply tap on a Scene and watch your home transform.

The world’s smartest and easiest to use remote control. Stop wrestling with remotes and apps and simplify how you control your entire home.

Control your Apple TV via Bluetooth (BLE), trackpad and keyboard

Apple TV models 4th generation and later can now be controlled via Bluetooth (BLE), which offers a better control experience and two great new features. The all-new trackpad feature makes it incredibly easy to browse and navigate (just like the trackpad on the Apple TV remote). You can also enjoy using a nifty new keyboard for searching (yes, you can finally say goodbye to spelling things out letter by letter on your TV screen). Check out the video below see these new features in action.

Single Device. Powerful Platform. Universal Home Control.

Sevenhugs has built a Unified Home Experience Platform that dramatically simplifies the way we interact with our entertainment, smart home and on-demand services. Smart Remote by Sevenhugs makes everything we care about accessible and shareable throughout the household through a single AI powered and intuitive interface—one that leverages display, touch, voice and contextual awareness. Sevenhugs is on a mission to advance our digital lifestyles and bring modern home living to the masses.