Digital Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) is a cost effective type of TV distribution system which would suit communal properties such as hotels, office blocks & hospitals. SMATV delivers a distributed digital signal throughout your facility and can even include your local off-air channels.

The specially designed Streamron architecture and algorithms enable the most efficient transmission of audio/video content over IP networks, even on low-specification hardware platforms.

Streamron live streaming technology transmits various audio/video live feeds and/or pre-recorded audio/video files over IP network using multicast or unicast techniques.

The IPTV service for viewing and navigating through TV and radio channels based on the Nevron Navigator is enriched with various advanced features, such as EPG functionality. Another advanced feature is the personalization of the TV channel lists,

Configurations for many IPTV service features could be done once at a central location instead of separately for each location. An example of this kind of configuration is the modification of existing TV channel scheme.